For some web designers, the process of creating a website is like their second nature. You get the chance to fully visualize how you feel about a company or client. However, one of the most difficult things for almost every web designer is creating a website for themselves. They want to show their creativity, skills, and express themselves, all in one spot.

It’s quite a challenging task. So much so that many designers end up outsourcing the project to someone else. It’s hard to determine how you want to portray your work, what work you think is best to show, and what approach you want to take to the business side of things. On top of that, a lot of designers don’t have a lot of differentiation in portfolio websites; sometimes getting the same designs and elements.

The purpose of portfolios isn’t just to show off your work, but to also give a sense of you and your brand. Here, we’ve found some web designers who have done that creatively and consistently throughout their websites. We hope you find inspiration in them.






TeamGeek is an agency that’s borrowed some elements from landing pages. They placed a call to action above the fold. It’s great and can end up being effective for a portfolio site. If not, you’ll probably enjoy the consistent design of the site.




Movement is always good for web design. It gets people interested in what’s going on and it creates a bit of fun and excitement. You don’t want to overdo the movement, though, but you want to make it classy. Buffalo, for example, has created a lot of movement throughout their site.


Calm Digital

calm digital

There are certain colors that represent certain emotions. This portfolio website used that to their advantage in their brand. Not only are they calm in their color scheme, it also transfers into the belief that they’re 100% sure of themselves and confident in their work.


Flourish Web Design


It’s rare to see an agency that has a content-heavy website. The reason being they go above and beyond in trying to explain their brand and their process. With content-heavy websites, it’s often difficult not to make things cluttered, but Flourish Web Design has done a great job making everything work together.




Domani takes an extremely creative and unique approach to presenting themselves. You can clearly tell their brand is bold and they meet problems with new, innovative solutions. It’s an all-around fun website with movement and great attention to detail, as well.


Brian Hoff Design

brian hoff design

Sometimes, you want your potential clients to know what you do and see your work. If that works for you, then of course you need to make it fun and exciting. Brian Hoff’s website shows you how to keep everything simple yet effective.



simple honest work

Not everyone’s too excited to read a bunch of content, but it makes a lot of sense if your focus isn’t just on the work, but what you have to say. It’s just that simple. But you must admit, this website has a very unique approach for a creative agency.


Rui Mollar


What’s so interesting about this website isn’t just the boldness, but also the programming of the portfolio. It’s not always about creating a brand new way of doing something, it could just be about creating a new way to interact with.




Sometimes, you create a niche for yourself that requires some explanation. Most likely, you’re introducing something new, so you must be thorough in your approach. Crystalnix, for example, spotlights great ways to have a niche, explain it, and then visualize it.




iamalwayshungry is a creative agency that focuses more from a culture and art perspective. You can tell in their work that they value huge meaning behind their work. They also explain their visions within their portfolio.